Saturday, April 29, 2017

France, Loire Valley - Château de Cheverny IV (The Interior)

The chateau you see today is as it was originally built, 
and the feeling of stepping back in time is only enhanced by a visit inside where it is impressively decorated and furnished. 
As with many of the Loire chateaux, ladies played a major part in its construction and decoration 
with Marguerite Gaillard (Mrs Hurault) administrating the building work and her daughter completing the decoration.   

The interior reflects a living history of the family generations. 

The rooms and apartments are especially richly furnished, and reflect a highly refined style, with gilded and decorative furniture, 
numerous paintings and priceless tapestries all through the chateau, 
and walls sometimes decorated in vibrant colours. 
(Remember to keep looking up - some of the decorated ceilings are among the highlights.)

The wonderful range of furniture and interior decorations, are all remarkably well preserved.

The private apartments on the first floor convey the French ‘art de vivre’ (art of living), 
with rooms such as the birth chamber, the nursery, the private dining room and others.

It is generally agreed that Cheverny is the most beautifully furnished of all the castles in the Loire Valley, 
and you will see numerous beautiful examples of 17th century furniture and wall coverings, 
as well as ornaments, clothes and other small objects that help bring the visit to life.

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