Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MySpot: Take that Plan Seriously

*Ph/ Dreamboy

"I've always been told that happiness is a choice.
I've always hated that statement because
it puts the control onto me and not my circumstances. 
But perhaps it is a choice - a choice to be present and to be thankful."

Author Unknown

It Was in the Latter Days of September

"Autumn begins with a subtle change in the light,
with skies a deeper blue,
and nights that become suddenly clear and chilled.
The season comes full with the first frost,
the disappearance of migrant birds,
and the harvesting of the season's last crops."

Glenn Wolff and Jerry Dennis 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

MySpot: Bright Lights, Summer Nights

*Ph/ Dreamboy

"He would have told her - he would have said,
it matters not if you are here or there, 
for I see you before me every moment.
I see you in the light of the water,
in the swaying of the young trees in the spring wind.
I see you in the shadows of the great oaks,
I hear your voice in the cry of the owl at night.
You are the blood in my veins, and the beating of my heart. 
You are my first waking thought, and my last sigh before sleeping.
You are - you are bone of my bone, 
and breath of my breath."

Juliet Marillier - Daughter of the Forest

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm Having a Magenta Day

"Magenta…that’s what I call it when I get that way.
All kinds of feelings tumbling all over themselves.
Well you know, you’re not quite blue, because you’re not really sad.
And although you’re a little bit jealous you wouldn’t say you’re green with envy.
And every now and then you realize you’re kind of scared but you’d hardly call yourself yellow…
I hate that feeling. Just hate it.
And I hate the color magenta. 
That’s why I named it that. Magenta.
No way to really explain it but, fortunately between friends you don’t have to."

Blanche Devereaux - The Golden Girls

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MySpot: Cloud Floating in the Blue

*Ph of me/ Dreamboy

"Stand on a short wooden pier in the tranquility of the summer twilight,
watching a boat move away towards the far lake shore."

Silvestra Bietoletti