Saturday, July 12, 2014

MySpot: The Citadel

"The medieval Cité dominated the landscape. 
It was so much more imposing than Alice had imagined, 
more substantial and complete. 
From the distance, with the purple mountains thrown into sharp relief behind, 
it looked like a magical kingdom floating in the sky. (...)
There were two sets of ramparts, an inner and an outer ring. 
She could pick out the cathedral and the castle. 
One rectangular, symmetrical tower, very thin, very tall, stood higher than everything else.
The Cite was set on top of a grassy hill. 
The slopes swept down to streets filled with red-roofed houses. (...)
Behind the imposing locked gates were the turrets and battlements of the castle. 
A fortress within a fortress.
Alice stopped, realising that this had been her destination all along."

Kate Mosse - Labyrinth

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