Tuesday, April 25, 2017

France, Loire Valley - Château de Cheverny II (The Gardens)

The Château is set upon an ocean of green lawns and it's surrounded by an English-style park. 
The gardens and the park at Cheverny are vast 
and include the formal gardens and water features that we expect of a Loire Valley castle, 
as well as less formal areas of woodland. 

The ornamental garden, called The Apprentice’s Garden, covers an area once occupied by a formal French garden.
Situated between the château and the Orangery it boasts a splendid view over the park.

At the castle's left side is the English-style park, where Paul de Vibraye acclimated between 1820-1860 some rare trees. 
The park holds an interesting collection of trees including giant redwoods, 
cedars (a magnificent cedar alley more than 500m long), lindens and lime trees.

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