Saturday, February 4, 2017

France, Loire Valley - Château de Chambord II (The Interior)

The reputation of "emptiness" that the château carries is not entirely true. 
It is true that, from the beginning, the château was not designed to be a permanent residence. 
The travelling court changed residences with the seasons and the furnishings for the royal dwellings were necessarily temporary. 
It was logical that the château remain unfurnished.

The plan to historically refurnish the building is based on a scientific method. 
The old inventories are analysed to understand them deeply 
and then decide how the interior space would have been occupied, in order to create logical reconstitution. 
There was no use in embarking upon a vast quest to find and bring together pieces 
that had been scattered to the far corners of France and beyond.
 No need either to create the illusion, 
to make visitors feel that the furniture they are seeing was actually used at Chambord at a specific time.

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