Saturday, February 4, 2017

France, Loire Valley - Château de Chambord III (Leonardo da Vinci Staircase and The Trophy Room)

Château de Chambord bears spectacular testimony to the King François I two passions: architecture and hunting. 

The double-helix staircase is undoubtedly the most distinctive architectural feature of the château. 
Located in the middle of the château’s keep, it is made up of two intertwined sets of stairs. 
It is a construction of marvelous ingenuity based on Leonardo da Vinci sketches. 
This staircase, where two people can ascend in sight of one another but without ever meeting, 
continues to fascinate visitors today as it has since its construction.

On the second storey of the keep, the cross-shaped room lies under immense relief vaulted ceilings, 
decorated with the symbols of François I - 
the letter F, salamanders spitting water to damp evil fires, salamanders swallowing good fire and knotted rope motifs. 
Repeated hundreds of times, these emblems in high-relief communicate the king’s desire 
to leave his mark on even the farthest corners of the keep. 

Within the château there's a corridor with hunting trophies hanging on the walls.
They came from various countries (even from Romania) and some go way back to the 16th century.

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