Saturday, February 20, 2016

Brasov - City Landmarks

The Black Church, Brasov's famous landmark and Romania's leading Gothic church, 
was built between 1385 and 1477.
The church was given its new name after disaster struck again in 1689, 
when the Great Fire leveled most of the town, blackening the walls of the church. 
Restoration took almost 100 years. 

Strategically located on a hill overlooking the town and the plains to the north, 
the Fortress was part of Brasov's outer fortification system. 
Built in wood in 1524, it was replaced with a stone structure in the 16th century, 
only to be abandoned in the 17th century after technological innovations made cannons stronger than the building.  

Of the original seven bastions, only a few have survived, 
including the newly renovated Graft Bastion, located in the middle of the citadel's northwest wing. 
On the west side of the wall, walk along picturesque Dupa Ziduri Street (Dupa Ziduri means Behind the Walls).

Catherine's Gate, erected in 1559 by the Tailors' Guild, 
is the only original gate to have survived from medieval times. 
The fairy-tale tower we see today was part of a bigger structure, 
which unfortunately, was demolished in 1827.
Above the entrance, the tower bears the city's coat of arms: a crown on a tree trunk. 

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