Sunday, June 25, 2017

France, Loire Valley - Château de Villandry III (The Water Garden)

Above the Ornamental Garden, at the far south of the estate, is the Water Garden. 
This boulingrin, or sunken garden, bordered with grassy banks known as glacis, 
consists of an ornamental pond at the centre in the form of a Louis XV mirror, 
embellished here and there with square parterres of lawn, 
a network of perpendicular avenues and four secondary ornamental ponds.
It's then surrounded by cloister of linden trees.

The present-day Water Garden dates from the early 20th century. 
The original ornamental pond was built when the gardens of Villandry were transformed into a jardin à la française (formal garden) 
in the 18th century. 
The redevelopment of the grounds in the 19th century in the romantic English style, 
led to the classical ornamental pond being replaced by one with more natural lines.
Drawing on 18th-century designs, Joachim Carvallo recreated the ornamental pond 
and gave this area the clear, regular appearance it has today.

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