Friday, December 9, 2016

France, Loire Valley - Château d’Amboise VII (Salle des Etats)

The Salle des Etats (Hall of the State General) is a large room with  brick and stone walls 
and a vaulted ceiling supported by columns.

It was the scene of a historic event known as the Conspiracy of Amboise.
In 1560 a group of Protestants went to Blois to ask Francois II for the freedom of religion.
Spies discover that some of these Protestants plotted to assassinate the Duke of Guise, the leader of the Catholic party.
The king escaped to Amboise Castle with his Court.
The conspirators followed him but were captured, tried and hanged from the balconies of the Hall of State.
The balcony has since been known as the Balcon des Conspirateurs (Balcony of the Conspirators).

The Edict of Amboise, an edict of pacification signed by the king in 1563, ended this episode of the War of Religions.

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