Sunday, November 20, 2016

France, Loire Valley - Château d’Amboise III (The Gardens)

The Gardens of the Royal Chateau of Amboise were designed at the end of the 15th century under King Charles VIII, 
by a Neapolitan monk and gardener, Pacello da Mercogliano, 
whose work is highly influential among French landscape designers.
Cypresses, green oak trees, bay trees, hornbeams and box trees shape these wonderful gardens, 
offering a magnificent view over the 'Royal River', the Loire.


  1. Wow.This is really beautiful.I have heard alot about The Gardens of the Royal Chateau of Amboise and it is one of my bucketlist entry.I never got to know the history behind it.You did an amazing job by posting it.Great work.
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    1. Thanks... I also recommend Villandry Gardens and the Forêt des Brumes found on the Chaumont domain :)