Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sibiu - Beneath the Alder Trees

Just 10 minutes away from the famous and bustling Grand Square of the former European Capital of Culture, 
there is a beautiful green grove, which although is called ‘park’, it is rather a real forest arranged in the middle of town.

With a surface of 22 hectares, the ‘Sub Arini’ (Beneath the Alder Trees) Park, 
one of the largest and oldest parks in Romania, was established in 1856. 
Engineer Wolfgang Seifried was responsible for the development and management of works. 
In the following year the making of the two main alleys began, 
along the former channel of the Swimming school and of the Sevis brook. 
At the same time the planting of the perimeter was done, with different species of trees: pine, linden and, of course, alder.
Since 1979, the park becomes a real botanical garden, 
the main alleys being paved, and massive works of planting and landscaping being executed.

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