Sunday, September 4, 2016

France, Loire Valley - Château de Chenonceau III

The site covers a huge area and, aside from the chateau itself, 
has a few featured gardens, a maze, a farm, the gourmet restaurant in the Orangery and so much more. 

The yard of the 16th century farm, recently restored, will give you the feeling of being part of a historical film set up.

Situated opposite the Orangery, the Green Garden is made up of trees from a large scale collection, and planted on a lawn. 
In the surroundings are a few shrubs in groves scattered around.
Garlands of wisteria and honeysuckle are spread out along the façade of the Orangery.

The floral decoration of the castle, the Building of the Domes and the Orangerie 
requires a very large-scale production of flowers for cutting. 
These flowers are grown in a garden strictly reserved for them, covering a surface area of 10 000 m2
The visitor to the château is welcomed by fresh flowers, 
and thus feels that he is considered as a guest in an inhabited residence.

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