Thursday, June 30, 2016

MySpot: Fresh and Fearless

"It is one of the first days of Spring, 
and I sit once more in the old garden where I hear no faintest echo of the obscene rumbling of (...) streets 
which are yet so little away.  
Here the only movement I am conscious of is that of the trees shooting forth their first sprays of bright green, 
and of the tulips expanding the radiant beauty of their flaming globes, 
and the only sound I hear is the blackbird's song -- 
the liquid softly gurgling notes that seem to well up spontaneously from an infinite joy, 
an infinite peace, at the heart of nature 
and bring a message not from some remote Heaven of the Sky or Future, 
but the Heaven that is Here, beneath our feet, even beneath the exquisite texture of our own skins, 
the joy, the peace, at the Heart of the Mystery which is Man.  
For man alone can hear the Revelation that lies in the blackbird's song."

Havelock Ellis - Impressions and Comments

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