Monday, June 1, 2015

MySpot: Brasov - Defensive Fortifications

Most work was done between 1400 and 1650, 
when outer and inner walls were erected, 
together with massive defense towers and gates. 
Part of the defensive wall, once 40 feet high, seven feet thick and two miles long, 
can still be seen today, 
though most was taken down in the 19th century to make room for the city's expansion.

Of the original seven bastions, only a few have survived, 
including the newly renovated Graft Bastion, 
located in the middle of the citadel's northwest wing. 
On the west side of the wall, 
walk along picturesque Dupa Ziduri (Behind the Walls) Street 
to catch a glimpse of the 15th century White and Black Towers. 

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