Friday, October 16, 2015

London, 2015: London Skyline

London’s architectural landscape is littered with buildings from diverse eras and movements, 
identifying itself with social values and addressing the city’s needs at certain points. 
Architectural characteristics, especially the form and aesthetic, 
are modified depending on the technological involvement and the architectural conditioning of the city as an organism. 

The high-tech buildings contribute towards the shift in London’s architectural identity, 
one which is rapidly re-configuring the character of the city. 
The increase in commercial skyscrapers opens up a discourse into London’s urban language, 
commercial direction and the tenuous balance between history and the present.

The London skyline is absolutely iconic and instantly recognizable, 
and it's also embracing the modern with a clutch of architectural wonders – 
some which divide opinion and some which have become new modern landmarks.

The Gherkin, The Walkie-Talkie, and The Cheese-grater, The Shard and The City Hall are renowned for their distinguished forms, media exposure and even savvy nicknames. 

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