Sunday, August 17, 2014

Barcelona: Arch of Triumph

"The Triumphal Arch was designed by the architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas, 
and was built in 1888 as the main entry to the Barcelona International Exposition. 
The brick design has a series of embossed images 
that depict allegorical scenes of industry, traditional craft work and business. 

The arch measures 30 meters tall and 
is abundantly decorated on all sides with stone carvings and ceramic tiles. 
The front frieze was designed by Josep Reynes and 
represents the city of Barcelona welcoming visitors to the Exhibition fair. 
The other side, designed by Josep Llimona, shows a prize-giving ceremony. 
The frieze on the right, created by Antoni Vilanova, 
symbolizes industry, trade and agriculture, 
while the frieze on the left, created by Torcuato Tasso, symbolizes trade and the arts. 

The arch is embellished with a stone carving of the Spanish coat of arms. 
Two roaring lions flank the coat of arms, which is topped with a crown. 
Below, following the contour of the arch, are the emblems of all provinces. 
The central one on the keystone, representing Barcelona, is slightly larger than the others. 
The arch is also adorned with twelve allegorical statues of women, symbolizing fame.

Under the lions, even though it can be hard to spot from ground, stands the words 
“Plus Ultra” – a motto which means 'Further and beyond' in Latin."

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